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Production-First IT & Cybersecurity

One of the largest challenges facing manufacturing today is dealing with smart devices and network traffic while working to digitize their supply chain and operations. With more assets on the manufacturing floor being connected, the number of attack vectors and sophisticated exploitations risks increase.


Since attackers are to cripple businesses and disrupt supply chains with remote cyber-attacks, Gray Solutions assists our customers on their journey from strategy and conception to execution.

  • Patching automation and networking infrastructure
  • Implement or verify frequent server backups are protected and functional
  • Review and update the OT asset inventory and network diagrams
  • Categorize the importance and the risk for each asset.
  • Implement OT specific threat detection and securing of remote access both internally and externally.
  • Physically and logically segment the network in to three security zones – IT, OT, and iDMZ
  • Develop strategy and execution plans to maintain an automation and network infrastructure patching schedules
  • Document and practice an IT and OT incident response plan
  • IT security and OT personnel, OT vendor contacts, safety, tabletop cyberattack exercises, and verification that backups are protected and functional
  • OT security-awareness training, including cybersecurity topics such as social engineering and OT malware

Gray Solutions is a Gray company.

Formed in 2018, Gray Solutions is a leader in automation and process integration for customers in Food & Beverage. As a part of the Gray family of brands, we continue to creatively address customer challenges in projects small to large. Whether you need a simple modification or a new facility, our services will increase efficiencies in your system through the power of data and information technology.