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MES Development

A successful MES deployment provides visibility and control over full production lifecycle, from raw materials to finished goods. This results in improvement of quality, yield, and asset utilization across your enterprise. The ability to streamline production digitally allows for traceability as you connect to other enterprise business systems such as ERP.


At Gray Solutions, our team of experts can assist with both development of new implementations and improvements to current and legacy systems. 

Improved Quality

The ability to track from order entry through final production allows proactive adjustments when dealing with quality issues, and reduces time to implement the changes. This is a proactive investment for risk mitigation as it pertains to manual human errors and your brands reputation as it pertains to quality.

Improved Yield

MES will reduce scrap, waste, and material overages. It creates a structured work flow to standardize and control processes to help ensure you have the right material at the right time at the right part of your process. This helps to reduce the amount of wasted material throughout the production lifecycle.

Improved Asset Utilization

MES will gives the ability to change on the fly production schedules while learning to live with a volatile supply chain environment. The system will allow you to see across your production facilities and allocate the optimized production schedule.

Gray Solutions is a Gray company.

Formed in 2018, Gray Solutions is a leader in automation and process integration for customers in Food & Beverage. As a part of the Gray family of brands, we continue to creatively address customer challenges in projects small to large. Whether you need a simple modification or a new facility, our services will increase efficiencies in your system through the power of data and information technology.