ERP Integration

One area of major opportunity for organizations is the ability to be agile in the demand from a volatile market. Integrating an ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) system with a MES(Manufacturing Execution System) allows for manufacturing to shift quickly from customer demand to the production floor. This can improve the ability for accurately forecast, improve quality, traceability, and enable just-in-time delivery. At Gray Solutions’ we have ream members that can help consult and help deliver solutions to enable this these outcomes to your business.

Gray Solutions is a Gray company.

Formed in 2018, Gray Solutions is a leader in automation and process integration for customers in Food & Beverage. As a part of the Gray family of brands, we continue to creatively address customer challenges in projects small to large. Whether you need a simple modification or a new facility, our services will increase efficiencies in your system through the power of data and information technology.