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Automation & Controls

In today’s industrial age, the ability to keep a plant continuously running is no longer negotiable. The ability to mitigate risk to make sure that is the case takes a careful assessment and modernization of infrastructure on the plant floor.


The ability to do this also creates an environment for your enterprise to take advantage of all of the opportunities Industry 4.0 has to offer. Modern processing capabilities, a connected secure network, and the ability for operators to easily understand statuses to proactively take action to keep production rates high.


Gray Solutions’ team of experienced automation engineers have helped customers simplify their programming logic with advanced programming techniques. Utilizing digital solutions, advanced communications, and control abilities to enable real-time, autonomous, self-directed decisions by production machines and products.


Gray Solutions’ expertise drives results based on logic and credible information. Through advanced analytics, our customers have greater flexibility to focus on wider strategic considerations, resulting in smarter decision making plant-wide.

PLC/PAC Development

  • Machine Control for Discrete, Batch, and Process Applications
  • Ladder, Structured Text, Function Block, and Sequential Function Chart Program Paradigms
  • Data Collection to Enable Operational Reporting
  • Vision, Robot, and Motion System Integration
  • Bidirectional PLC-to-PC Communications
  • Complex Recipe Management and Order Processing
  • SCADA/OPC/IIOT Integration
  • Certified Safety Solutions

SCADA/HMI Development

  • Data Collection and Reporting
  • Process and System Visualization
  • Machine, System, and Process Visualization
  • Fault Handling and Machine Maintenance
  • Database Configuration and Management
  • Custom Web, Dashboard, and Report Development
  • Advanced and Distributed Networking
  • Custom/Application Specific Training

Controls Integration

  • Electrical Design
  • Control Panel Solutions
  • Control Panel Design
  • Certifications and Inspections
  • Project Management
  • Packaging Controls
  • Process Controls
  • Information Solutions
  • System and Process Integrator Support

Gray Solutions is a Gray company.

Formed in 2018, Gray Solutions is a leader in automation and process integration for customers in Food & Beverage. As a part of the Gray family of brands, we continue to creatively address customer challenges in projects small to large. Whether you need a simple modification or a new facility, our services will increase efficiencies in your system through the power of data and information technology.