Petsource by Scoular

Gray was selected to provide fully integrated services on this greenfield pet food facility that anticipates producing high quality, safe products. The manufacturing plant is located in Seward, NE and includes three freeze dry chambers and all supporting raw processing, forming, freezing, packaging and sanitation equipment for a thorough, reliable process. This pet food subsidiary was first announced in December 2019 by Scoular, a 127-year old company with a previous focus on global distribution of grain, feed ingredients and food ingredients. Gray is partnering with Petsource by Scoular through this new business venture by providing extensive analyses of flexible processing options as the company develops its offerings.


Gray Solutions is working in conjunction with Gray to drive a successful completion of this project by providing process expertise through the use of technical consulting. By providing processing engineering and process controls/automation services throughout the project, Gray Solutions is able to support Petsource by Scoular from equipment procurement and construction execution through commissioning and startup.


Gray Solutions is developing an Ignition application to mirror the GEA provided Rockwell FactoryTalk SE screens.  This application will allow the customer to monitor GEA freeze dryers in the event the FactoryTalk SE server is unavailable. This application will be used as a backup for production.


Gray Solutions is also developing an Ignition application to monitor and display room temperature from the building refrigeration system. This application will allow the room temperature information to be stored and correlated to the running batch using date and time.  The customer will have the ability to monitor process critical room temperatures from remote locations.  With this technology, PetSource personnel will be notified of upset conditions earlier and will be able to react before a significant temperature upset.


Gray Solutions is also developing an Ignition application to monitor and display information from the wastewater treatment system.  This application will allow the system to be monitored from the main plant.  The wastewater treatment system will continue to control the process locally, but PetSource personnel will have greater visibility to the process from remote locations.


All alarms will also be set to allow for them to be emailed or sent over SMS messaging to a configurable list of recipients.  Historical data will be stored in a SQL database and Gray Solutions will work with PetSource IT to provide this data for incorporation into the plant-wide historization.

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