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Industry Survey: Salary, Opportunities, & Investing in People

Just as COVID-19 gets under control and begins to wane, it’s compounded by a cascade of overlapping dominoes. To varying degrees in different places and industries, shutdowns during the pandemic triggered shortages, wildly stretched supply chains, and unprecedented lead times for many technologies.


Throughout the pandemic of the last 2+ years, most organizations and industries including system integrators, process control engineers, operators, managers and support professionals worked to maintain production, and keep customers up and running. All of which, seeking new material sources, adapting designs, schedules, and project timelines, otherwise innovating to give themselves, the flexibility and resilience needed to handle recent difficulties.


According to a recent survey comprised by Control Global, looking at salaries, hiring, recruiting, and additional factors which are important to any organization, all gained despite inflation, supply chain issues, and the overarching difficulties surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. With over 200 respondents, Control Global took a look into how organizations maintain the consistency needed to stay afloat during uncertain times. From focus on salary and benefits, opportunities for advancement and job security, to appreciation and the value of challenging work, the survey and subsequent article provides data into what matters most to employees, and what’s going on behind closed doors.


Highlighted within the article, Gray Solutions’ CEO, Walker Mattox provided insight into both how Gray Solutions grew from a company of 40 in March 2020, to well over 270+ Solutioneers at present.

"We say we’re not just smart, but also lucky because we built our system integration business in 2018, and it just snowballed after COVID-19 hit."
Walker Mattox, CEO

Gray Solutions

Furthermore, Mattox speaks on how the addition of over 200+ engineers has shaped Gray Solutions as a whole, the strategies behind the success, and how the company culture is a main driving factor in recruiting and retention. Despite the recruiting difficulties of growing a company over 500% in less than 30 months, Mattox adds, It was hard work every day, and took a lot of personal time and energy, but we turned the recent great resignation into a great attraction.


“LinkedIn is our biggest recruitment vehicle, but it was also crucial to have a strong network with three or four external recruiting companies, and a strong internal referral program. This is done by treating new hires well, with competitive salaries and benefits, bonuses twice per year, and an annual party for them and their families. This helps with retention, but it also maintains our pipeline to other potential new hires.”


Gray Solution’s efforts aren’t just about compensation, but are mainly concerned with making people feel valued. We strive to be the trusted leader in process innovation where the best want to belong.


Interested in becoming a Solutioneer? Visit our Careers Page for open opportunities and more insight about Gray Solutions as a whole.

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