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Women in the Workplace: A Unique Perspective

According to a five-year research project conducted jointly by McKinsey & Company and, representation of women in the workplace, specifically in leadership roles, is growing across the spectrum, albeit more quickly in some areas as compared to others. In just the last five years, women have seen a 5% growth at the management level and 24% growth at the C-suite level. And while those numbers don’t quite encapsulate the entire picture of the expansion of women’s roles, they are representative of a larger, growing movement. We spoke with some of Gray’s leading women about the increasing role of women in business and the design-build industry.

"More women being hired into roles traditionally filled by men, such as project manager or engineer, is helping improve diversity in the industry. I think our customers are becoming more diverse as well. Having multiple perspectives on both sides only helps to strengthen the relationships we have with our customers."
Cassady Adams, Director, Project Management

Gray Solutions

Diversity in the workplace provides immense value, no matter the industry. At Gray, we are fortunate to have many talented, hard-working women, and we would not be who we are today without each and every one of them.


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