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Women in Construction: Diversity in an Evolving Industry

Progress is being made and more opportunities are being presented. In recent years, the number of women within the construction workforce continues to climb, as well as the percentage of women who make up construction industry, and new doors are opening. At Gray, we are fortunate to have a wealth of experienced women who all help drive the success of the business.


In a recent interview with Gray, Process Engineer, Allison Keeling provided some insight on her role with Gray Solutions, and what pushed her to pursue a career in the industry, some of the challenges, and advice she might have for women entering the construction workforce.


While construction and engineering as a whole changes, the industry is diversifying and opportunities for women are expanding. For more on the interview, and the growth of the industry and new opportunities, visit the link found here. 


If a career in engineering is something you would like to pursue with Gray Solutions, please visit  our career portal

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