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Women Engineers at Gray: Creating Room for Growth

At Gray, we say it often, but it really is our team members who make all the difference. In a business where the margins are slim, and the deciding factor between one company and another can be razor thin, it’s outstanding team members who give us the edge and make Gray stand out above the competition. For that reason, it has always been a staple of the Gray family to celebrate and encourage growth within our teams because we understand that as they grow, the business does as well.


Gray actively supports events that encourage inclusion and intentionally looks for opportunities to promote growth within our team. As a part of that effort, Gray is excited to celebrate and recognize Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, once again.


Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day is a worldwide campaign designed to engage younger girls and peak their interests in engineering-related fields. Thousands of industry experts, universities and colleges, and even professional organizations host events (or virtual events in the case of this year) to help make engineering appealing to girls, which only make up about 13% of total engineers, according to the Society of Women Engineers. Conveniently, this event takes place the week prior to Engineering Week which is Feb. 21-27, 2021. Engineering Week is designed to engage the next generation of potential engineers and connect them with professionals within the industry.


We had the opportunity to speak with several women within the Gray family about their career in engineering, how Gray intentionally provides room for growth, and their advice for young women considering a career in engineering.


For more insight into the information shared by a few of our Gray Solutions engineers, visit the link found here. If a career in engineering is something you would like to pursue with Gray, please visit our Career Portal for more information on joining the Gray family.

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