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STEM: Opportunities abound at Gray

In an ever-evolving world, one particular group of skills continue to gain value in seemingly all areas of life, regardless of niche or industry. STEM–science, technology, engineering, and mathematics–has risen in popularity in recent years, and with good reason. As the world we know grows more digitally driven and technologically centric, these skills are at the forefront in terms of need.


At Gray, these are skills we put to use every day both in the office and on jobsites. Our industry is one that is a large utilizer of STEM students and to see an added focus in this area only increases more opportunities for the future success and opportunities for both individuals and the company.


In an interview with Gray, Alex Pool, Director, Automation shared some information and insight into STEM-focused areas of the business, the importance of these skills, and why they fit in so well at a place like Gray.

"I think STEM is important in any career students choose going forward. The use of technology in every aspect of our life is only going to continue to increase. Being comfortable with these ideas and how to implement technology will improve their options in the future."
Alex Pool, Director, Automation

Gray Solutions

Read more about the interview with Alex here, and other Gray members who have their hands in STEM-focused areas of the business.


If you would like more information into life at Gray, and opportunities to join the team, please visit the Gray Solutions Careers Page.

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