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Pet Food Trends: Sustainability, Health & Wellness Prevail

Petfood Industry Magazine recently named 10 consumer trends in pet food for 2021. Unsurprisingly, as in every other industry, COVID-19 has also affected the pet food market. The biggest areas of impact for pet food owners are: sustainability, convenience, health, and cost.


The number-one trend is sustainability. “Pet food companies have been moving towards the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits since well before the pandemic,” according to The pandemic actually accelerated this trend, with 70% of business professionals telling Euromonitor International that they believe the coronavirus will increase focus on sustainability.


A February 2020 Food Engineering feature also notes that trends in pet foods mirror human food trends. This includes premium ingredients and sustainable practices. In fact, across the food processing industry in general, many facilities have become more aware of the importance of sustainability, and this includes those in the pet food segment.


“Pet food makers have absolutely seen an increased shopper expectation for pet food products on the shelf that mirrors human food options,” Mary Emma Young, senior director of communications for the Pet Food Institute, told Food Processing magazine in 2020.


There is no denying that U.S. consumers consider pets to be part of their families. As human food trends make their way steadily into the pet food market, the challenge falls upon food formulators, engineers, and pet food manufacturers to respond to the demands of sustainability, traceability, premium quality, and health/wellness—at an affordable price point. For more insight and information visit the link found here.

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