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Hygienic Design, Part Two: Combating Contamination and COVID-19

Hygienic design of food & beverage facilities incorporates hygiene control in the design, construction, and renovation of such facilities. The hygienic design of food processing facilities is imperative for the manufacture of safe products. This is part two of our series continuing with the engineers, designers, and other thought leaders at Gray discussing how important hygienic design can be to the integrity of the entire operation. In part one of this series, we heard from the experts about the benefits of redesigning and renovation, refrigeration needs, airflow and infrastructure requirements, and more.


"Hygienic design not only addresses equipment standards for cleanability but considers the process flow and movement of people, equipment, and air to assess risk"
Amanda Flowers, Manager, Operations Integration

Gray Solutions

Solutions to address risk are heavily influenced by the process and risks to product contamination through the production lifecycle. “In high-risk areas,” Flowers warned, “such as when ready-to-eat food is being introduced to primary packaging, there are elements of both micro- and macro-level influences that need to be considered. The two are not necessarily separable.”


The ability to adopt and successfully carry out an effective sanitation program is largely determined by facilities and equipment that are constructed in alignment with hygienic design standards. There are many tangible benefits of incorporating hygienic design into food manufacturing operations. The experts at Gray helped shed even more light on why now—more than ever—hygienic design is an important step in safeguarding both product and personnel.


For the full link to the article about what Gray’s designers and scientists have to say about product contamination, designing with protection in mind, and how COVID-19 will affect the future of hygienic design, please visit the link found here.

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