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Food Safety in the Time of COVID: 6 Steps to “Error-Proof” Your Plant

Throughout most of 2020, food safety and processing concerns mainly revolve around how to safeguard the public and employees from the coronavirus. However, there are still day-to-day operational considerations that must be addressed—especially with the heightened awareness and caution caused by the need to protect everyone in the midst of a pandemic.


Processors still must be mindful of all the hazards to their employees’ safety and health, such as sanitation, slip and fall injuries, as well as electrical and mechanical hazards. A recent article in Food Engineering, for example, points out that “cleaning is not only an important part of fighting coronavirus, but also a safety consideration, due to the potential for slip and fall injuries, as well as foodborne pathogens and other concerns.”


There is no other industry, other than healthcare, perhaps, that could be considered as essential as the production and processing of food. So, while the pandemic might be top-of-mind, the food industry must continue in a “business as usual” model. And, even as many of the country’s workers are now working from home, that is obviously impossible in the F&B industry.


Adding to the issue is the increased demand most processors are now facing. A huge part of food processing must include protecting employees, while meeting production requirements. The essential problem is how to ensure employee safety, reduce possible transmission—and keep a healthy business/work environment.


Visit 6 Steps to “Error-Proof” Your Plant to learn more about the ways F&B companies can help mitigate risks and ensure safety for all involved in production.

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