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Food & Beverage Trends for 2020

Customers increasingly expect more from their food—healthier ingredients, fresher food, more food and packaging options, as well as reduced environmental impacts. Transparency is in high demand—consumers want to know how their food is sourced, processed, shipped, and protected during its journey from field to table, which oftentimes happens across continents.


In turn, the food & beverage industry is rapidly evolving, using the latest technologies to identify consumer preferences and trends, create new products and modernize manufacturing and distribution operations, frequently through the automation of their operations and supply chains. Sensor technologies transmit huge amounts of real-time data regarding quality and storage conditions during the supply chain process. By discovering customer trends and preferences, big data can also enhance marketing campaigns and competitor metrics.


Food & Beverage manufacturers are eager to use the latest IoT and Industry 4.0 technologies—artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotics, automation, big data—to optimize their business operations and supply chains, identify consumer trends, create safer and healthier and longer-lasting products, reduce environmental impacts, and build brand awareness. New big data applications will expand rapidly throughout the food & beverage and agricultural industries. Reports show there are at least 4,000 early-stage technology companies investing in the food & beverage industry today.

From driverless tractors to plant data collection, technology is transforming the farming world.

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