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Applying Lessons Learned: Open Letter from Walker Mattox, CEO of Gray Solutions

2020 was many things for many people. For some it was exciting with new opportunities, for others it was disappointing, and for some it was painful. But, for seemingly everyone, it was an opportunity to learn.


One of the biggest learning opportunities for our team was the rapid expansion of remote working. COVID-19, and the regulations that came with the pandemic, forced us to adapt to new ways of working. Despite these unforeseen challenges, the amazing team of Solutioneers allowed 2020 to be our most successful year and created a springboard for our acquisition and merger of Stone Technologies.


The team at Stone Technologies inspired us to further explore the future of our work. Since their founding in 1996, Stone has built a strong remote workforce, enabling team members to be part of an all-star team from anywhere. To best serve our team members, we decided to develop policies, procedures, places, and technologies that allow us to be the very best at enabling a “work from anywhere” environment. For Gray Solutions, the office is dead. We will shift from offices to hubs to better describe our regional locations where team members and customers can gather. Our existing and future hubs will be equipped with state-of-the-art collaboration technology, comfortable furniture, and inviting amenities to facilitate collaboration and innovation.


This is a key component of our grander plan to create an exciting environment for our team members to thrive while delivering unmatched solutions for our customers. These plans, and many others, are clear steps toward the shared vision for this company – where the best want to belong.


While 2020 may have been an opportunity for us to learn, 2021 and beyond will be an opportunity for us to apply those lessons and grow.


If you would like to learn more about joining the Gray Solutions family, please visit our career portal.

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