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CandyWorx Virtual Equipment Showcase


We are excited to invite you to Candy Worx’s first-ever Equipment Showcase on Wednesday, October 14, at 11am-Noon CST!
Candy Worx is a fast-growing U.S. based confectionary equipment manufacturer that offers a unique expertise to help you overcome your production challenges. Our Equipment Showcase will feature custom machinery that specializes in continuous cooling drums, fondant production, panning, skids, pure sugar cooking, continuous extruding, and belt coating. Our experts have over 100 years of combined experience in confectionary equipment designing and fabricating. Attendees will experience equipment demos of our Cooling Wheel and Depositor.

Event Registration


Reserve your spot to attend to learn more about these two pieces of equipment, our SMART Product line, and how our personalized solutions for equipment and technology can give your company a competitive edge in the ever-changing global marketplace.


CLICK HERE FOR the LiVE LINK! Please click this link 5 minutes prior to the event, our live stream will start promptly today at 11am.


Interested in more information about Spec Engineering? Click here to register for our Process Solutions Expo


Meet the Experts:


Brian Bernard

Brian is the President of Spec Engineering since 2010, Brian was the sole owner of Spec Engineering until the acquisition by Gray in August of 2019. An engineer by trade, Brian consults on custom solutions packages that is offered to our customers. Brian has a diverse array of applications in the food and specialty chemical industries and has 30 years of experience providing complete process systems, customer equipment design and complete project implementation services.  


Meredith Perry

Meredith is Vice PresidentBusiness Operations at Spec EngineeringShe brings with her 10 years of sales and marketing experience in the process engineering and system solutions industryMeredith is a driving force with a strong spirit for innovation, and questions everything. Her areas of expertise include operations, customer service, business development, product development, and marketingShe held Membership Chair for Chicago Section Board for AACT (American Association of Candy Technologist) and is a member of IFT 


Kevin Laud

Kevin is Vice President of Engineering for Spec Engineering’s CandyWorx brand of confectionary equipment. With 9 years’ experience in the food processing industry with a focus on confectionary products, Kevin is knowledgeable with industrial processes for fondant, caramel, gummies, panning, taffy, hard candy, and more.  


Noah Dupes

Noah Dupes is a Technical Application Engineer at Spec Engineering, where he specializes in development and designing of process solutions. He served as a Controls Engineer at Spec Engineering since 2015 before transitioning into this role, where he gained extensive experience in automation and system integration as well as system design and process optimization. Noah’s unique experience dealing with vast industries such as food and beverage, confectionery, specialty chemicals, and foundries allows him to be able to handle a variety of challenges and assist our customers in finding the best solution for their needs.


AD Process Equipment is a Gray company.

AD Process Equipment is your single source for system design and process equipment integration. Our experienced team works with customers to meet demands in bulk processing and material handling by providing practical design solutions that cater to their unique needs. Our personalized solutions in equipment and technology give customers a competitive edge in the ever-changing global marketplace.