Use the SmartVent as a safer alternative to a dust sock. The unit is designed to be cost-effective and easy to install. No exhaust fan required.

Self Contained Filter Reverse Pulse Cleaning Valves
Differential Pressure Gauges Compact Controls


The Spec Engineering SmartVent allows for air filtration of powdered materials through a filter and pulses clean air out of the vent. The vent is designed to collect fine particles and air and separate them by the unit’s filter. As the fines get collected in the filter, clean air passes back out. Air is reverse-pulsed by a magnahelic differential pressure gauge or a timer relay set at a variable rate. The idea is to keep the material at the source.

This vent can be placed on top of a mixer, sifter, vent hopper, silo, or any other vessel within the powder handling line. The SmartVent can be tied into an existing dust collection system to provide a negative pressure or used as an atmospheric filter unit.


  • SV101-A Standard 8″ Vent
  • SV101-B Pressure Vent
  • SV101-F Vent with Fan
  • SV101-E Economy
  • SV201-B Explosion Proof
  • SV301-B Sanitary

The Safe Way To Combat Dust


Models Description Controls CFM
SV-101-A Standard 8″ Vent Timer 200-350
SV-101-B Pressure Vent △ P 200-350
SV-101-F Vent with Fan △ P 200-350
SV-201-B Explosion Proof △ P 200-350
SV-301-B Sanitary △ P 200-350


A Timer
B Pressure
F Fan
101 Carbon Steel
201 Carbon Steel, XP
301 Stainless Steel

Standard Technical Data

  1. Stainless or Carbon Steel Construction
  2. Clean Welds
  3. Tool-less, Accessible Maintenance
  4. Top-Loading Large Pleated Filter
  5. Molded Filter Gasket for Leak Free Seal
  6. 8″ Diameter Tube Stub
  7. 8″ Compression Coupling
  8. 24 VDC or 120 VAC
  9. 100 PSI Compressed Air Required
  10. Digihelic or Timer Relay
  11. FDA Approved
  12. NEC Hazardous Locations (optional)
  13. Exhaust Fan (optional)

Standard Dimensions

Sizes may be able to be customized to fit specific applications.

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