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The DepositMoreTM is an efficient, repeatable, and flexible depositor for “anything that pours!” You won’t be locked into special or proprietary molds with DepositMoreTM as our system adapts to most custom silicone molds, stock silicone molds, vacuum formed molds, blister pack sheets, and more.


  • Control Panel with Color Touch Screen
  • Product Pieces Weight from 2-3 Grams and Up
  • Capacities Up to 9600 Pieces Per Hour
  • Roll-Away Depositor for Easy Cleaning and Changeover
  • Programmable Indexing Conveyor


A DepositMoreTM Jr. is an affordable, benchtop size to test your molds, capable of 1200-1500 pieces per hour.



Demolders gently remove confectionery items from flexible molds. The standard demolder has a cavity count of 160 and will be customized to your mold design. Demold a full tray in seconds and the only utility requirement is 100 psig of clean, dry air.

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