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We offer four standard cookers for your confectionery needs.

Continuous Candy Cooker with Vacuum Option

These automated systems are designed to rapidly cook hard candy to 1% humidity with a dual chamber and continuous vacuum chamber. Available in a variety of sizes.


Continuous Starch Cooker

This electric, continuous swept surface starch cooker is designed to process up to one pound of product per minute at temperatures up to 350F and pressures up to 120 psi. This machine can handle any viscous material.


Pure Sugar Cooker

Continuous pure sugar systems are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 300 kg/hr. to up to 2500 kg/hr. These automated systems are designed to rapidly cook pure sugar syrup to 2% humidity, flash steam vapor, continuously cool on a drum, and discharge onto a take-away conveyor.


Vacuum Batch Cooker

Our intuitive vacuum cookers are designed to prepare small scale batches of product under vacuum. Product examples include sugar and sugar-free hard candy, jellies with temperature sensitive ingredients, bakery fillings with dairy components, confectionery edibles, and more. Three model options are available.

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