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Syrup Blending Skid System

AD Process Equipment designed, fabricated, and installed a turnkey syrup blending skid system for Schulze & Burch Biscuit Co. The selected ingredients flow through ingredient lines that consist of totes, surge tanks, and valves. Interchangeable totes deliver the product to the mixing tank through a series of valves and pumps.


The bag dump station allows for operators to add powder ingredients to the mixing tank. A peanut butter tank is used to sweep and heat up the peanut butter. The peanut butter is then sent through a transfer pump and delivered to the mixing tank.


The mixing tank receives all ingredients and begins to sweep and agitate the ingredients to mix into the final product. A steam jacket is used to heat the product. A steam jacket is used to heat the product. Once the desired temperature and consistency is met, the product is pumped through the mill to better homogenize the product.


A holding tank is then used to hold product until the dough mixer is ready to receive product. The holding tank uses a sweeper and a water jacket to keep the product at a correct consistency for the dough mixer process.


Project Highlights

  • A custom mezzanine holds liquid totes and custom tote titlers and features an integrated drain for cleaning.
  • A hand-add station adds minor ingredients to the mixer tank.
  • Six liquid surge tanks are pumped through flow meters to the batching tank.
  • The system is fully automated, with distributed I/O links across the system and ethernet valve manifolds for all valve actuation.
  • A complete Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) was performed at ADPE’s manufacturing facility, then disassembled, and re-erected and commissioned at the customer’s site in four days.
  • The design met GMP and FSMA standards

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