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Fondant Skid

AD Process Equipment provided a 72” diameter stainless steel cooling drum with machined surface and non-stick PTFE coating. It is designed to continuously cool the hot incoming molasses product from approximately 271ᵒ F down to 220° F at discharge.

Other Features:

  • Internal water spray system
  • Insulated and stainless steel shrouded drum sides
  • 2-HP water pump
  • 2-HP variable speed (VFD) hollow-shaft drum gear drive
  • Scraper assembly
  • Continuous feed hopper
  • Water to water heat exchanger with automatic temperature control valve, safety water pressure valve, pressure and temperature gauges and one (1) temperature transmitter for chilled water temperature monitoring and control
  • All mounted on a common sanitary welded stainless steel frame with leveling pads.
  • Electrical control panel
    • Includes digital display and VFD control for the drum RPM and an automatic digital water temperature controller.
    • Water-tight switches are for the cooling drum, water and main power.
    • Enclosure NEMA-4X watertight enclosure.
    • Pre-wired on the machine frame for single-point utility connection.
  • Fully assembled and electrically wired

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