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Chemical Blending Skid System

This fast-paced, eight station, 130′ skid project was designed, built, procured, tested, and installed to meet the drastic demand for pool chemicals during the COVID-19 pandemic. Two blending systems for dry chemical powders feed directly into bulk bags or totes for operator safety and product dust control. A hoist system is used to drop main and minor ingredients directly into two large horizontal paddle mixers, while an integrated dust collection system discharges back into the blender for product recovery.


key features:

  • Four minor ingredient stations for greater dosing accuracy and blend consistency.
  • Two hand-add stations equipped for dust collection.
  • Remote monitoring capability for increased quality control, accuracy, and efficiency.
"In 25 years, this is my number-one, best experience and solution [for] a historically underperforming operation and a critical supply constraint...[Your] extremely talented group of professionals have proven the powerful statement that Spec delivers practical design solutions that cater to customers' unique needs."
Matthew Bean, Director of Engineering & Technology

Major Pool Chemical Manufacturer

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