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Mezzanines for Packaging System



Spec Engineering constructed two identical production rooms that contained process systems for packaging 1oz snack bags. These two stand-alone process systems were each dedicated to a different product mix. Each room contained a 20’x40’ steel mezzanine for additional floor space, a custom designed Bifurcated Infeed Hopper, a Retrofitted Tote Dumper, and two high speed Piece Counters. The Piece Counters were required to accurately count 120+, 1 oz. bags of snacks per minute, which is the packaging rate produced by the customer specified Vertical Bagger units. Both packaging rooms are connected by an OSHA Certified catwalk and staircase. The mezzanines components were fabricated at Spec, and then assembled and welded at the job site for seamless integration into the newly erected production rooms.



  • 2 Mezzanine Platforms (20’x40’ each)
    • 2 Retrofitted Tote Dumpers
    • 2 custom designed Bifurcated Infeed Hoppers
    • 4 high speed Piece Counters
  • OSHA Certified Staircase
  • Catwalk (10’x40’) + Hand Railings
  • Footprint of 2,000 ft²




South Building Expansion

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