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Bakery Pre-Mix Operation Project

Capacity Upgrade & Modernization

AD Process Equipment designed and implemented all modifications to upgrade the operation. The MixSys High Efficiency Ploughshare 3D Mixer with Chopper System is utilized along with a spray nozzle manifold for enhanced process performance. The product is mixed and discharged into a “Stirred Bunker” 4 Screw Mix Ribbon System, which provides continuous, homogeneous movement of the mixed product.


Project Highlights:

  • System includes: bulk ingredients receiver system, bulk bag unloading/mixer feed system, stirred bunker, high speed bulk bag filling system.
  • Provides 3-5 minute 6,000 lb. mix cycle times, improved from previous 15 minute cycle.
  • Continuous, homogeneous movement during the bulk bag filling process.
  • Increases the quality control, efficiency, and safety.

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