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Turnkey Solutions Increase Food & Beverage Safety

With last month’s announcement of Gray’s acquisition of SPEC Engineering, customers or prospects may still be wondering how this affects them, whether it’s on a day-to-day basis or with a future project. The good news is that on a day-to-day basis, nothing has changed; your SPEC team you know well is still here for you, and you’ll receive the same quality services and products you have come to expect.

What’s even better – the additional benefits customers will receive by working with both SPEC and Gray. By combining forces, Gray and SPEC can offer more services than ever to customers, bolstering the food and beverage sector like never before. Using our expertise that complement each other will provide customers with more options, all under one roof. Specifically, Gray brings expertise designing buildings and architectural decisions, and SPEC is your go-to for food and beverage turnkey projects.

There continues to be a growing demand for safety in the food and beverage industry. Having a voluntary recall of your product or, even worse, selling contaminated product, can not only hurt your profit but also destroy your credibility with consumers. Safety in manufacturing for the food and beverage industry becomes of the up-most importance. Luckily, SPEC can help with turnkey food grade solutions.

When dealing with food safety, prevention is key rather than having to deal with the reaction of a contamination scare. If you don’t even know where to start, a Front End Design (FED) could be a good place to begin. Evaluate your current process, discuss future options with an expert team, and prepare for CAPEX funding for the future. SPEC’s team is also a great resource for utilizing current systems and practices and upgrading them to meet new safety codes and health regulations. This practice can help save money and keep equipment that has not become obsolete. For those looking to produce product while receiving massive upgrades or needs additional space, SPEC also provides food grade tolling solutions for customers looking to produce a smaller amount of product in a specific timeframe.

Together, SPEC and Gray are your team for moving forward in today’s competitive food and beverage industry. We are your guides to navigating food safety guidelines, and we can help save you some time and money along the way!

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