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Three Factors to Consider When Conveying Material

Bulk material handling encompasses a wide variety of categories, including: bulk material storage, conveying and transfer, filling and packaging, and screening and classifying. Conveying and transfer are key steps when moving material throughout a system. Mechanical and pneumatic conveying transfer systems offer unique ways to transfer product throughout your system, allowing for more material to be moved efficiently and safely.

3 Factors: Material Properties, Rate, Distance

SPEC Engineering offers custom, mechanical and pneumatic conveying lines that are designed specifically for your material and process with no bias to any particular regimen. SPEC also has extensive knowledge in determining the correct conveying system for your specific situation. Having a single source responsibility is what SPEC does best; we offer a number of process solutions that compliment conveying systems, including designing, fabrication, and automation. Optimizing the route of your bulk materials can lead to a cleaner, flexible, and safe method of handling. Our industries include: food ingredients, cement, specialty chemicals, fibers, resin, plastics, and minerals.

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AD Process Equipment is your single source for system design and process equipment integration. Our experienced team works with customers to meet demands in bulk processing and material handling by providing practical design solutions that cater to their unique needs. Our personalized solutions in equipment and technology give customers a competitive edge in the ever-changing global marketplace.