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Three Benefits of Skid Systems

Modular skid systems continue to grow in popularity and refer to a process system that is contained within a frame. Depending on the size of the system, a skid may stand alone, or multiple skids can be combined for a large system. Regardless of the size, these skids are portable, providing flexibility with placement throughout the plant. 


Reduction of Cost & Time

Modular skid systems are more economical than traditional systems, costing up to 25% less than a built-on-site system. Plus, when combining the reduced cost of the system with a higher quality and greater reliability that comes with a skid system, the savings are even greater. Customers receive an accurate predetermined cost for the system and start-up that is a fixed cost rather than variable. Since the skid system will be built off-site first, the time spent on-site is reduced. The customer experiences lower start-up costs from paying contractors to be on-site. Troubleshooting, during commissioning and start-up, is at a minimum because the system has been tested during assembly and fabrication steps. Simplified field installation is common with single point inlet/outlet process connectors and single point electrical connection. Customer commissioning is streamlined, allowing for reduced time and cost. Plant downtime is at a minimum, because the customer is able to work during the time of fabrication. Furthermore, downtime that happens during installation will be at a minimum due to testing that already occurred.



Allocate Space Effecively

Today, many facilities are overwhelmed with orders, trying to add more and more to their existing manufacturing systems to increase output. However, space is at a premium causing concerns about building expansions and available real estate. With modular skid systems, smaller footprints are common, compared to the overall increase in size when adding individual pieces of equipment. The equipment components, including piping and electrical, can be grouped together or stacked to effectively use the available space. Having a portable skid system allows for flexibility in the future; if the plant layout were to change, the whole skid can move around rather than moving each individual piece. Modular skid systems are also designed for easy operator access, offering better ergonomic designs, during operational and maintenance situations.



Increased Accuracy Leads to Greater Reliability

When purchasing a modular skid system, the customer will have a single source of accountability. Accuracy and reliability are increased when one company and a specific Project Manager is responsible for the project, including: equipment layout, controls, wiring, and installation. All systems will go through a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) prior to shipping. This ensures the system will be reliable upon arriving to site and decrease the amount of troubleshooting and downtime that is necessary. 



SPEC Engineering is a full service process engineering firm providing the latest in technology. SPEC offers custom, modular skid systems to customers looking to save space, time, and money. Having that single source responsibility is what SPEC does best; we offer a number of process solutions, including designing, fabrication, and automation. Past skid projects have ranged from a simple, self-contained skid to multiple, completely integrated modules. Built and tested for reliability prior to shipment saves the customer time and cost. This takes place in our Plainfield, IL facility.

AD Process Equipment is a Gray company.

AD Process Equipment is your single source for system design and process equipment integration. Our experienced team works with customers to meet demands in bulk processing and material handling by providing practical design solutions that cater to their unique needs. Our personalized solutions in equipment and technology give customers a competitive edge in the ever-changing global marketplace.