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Thank You Veterans

Veterans Day is a time for us to pay our respects to those who have served. Our own Edel Rodriguez, Alicia Pemble, Calvin Pointer, Amanda Rodriguez and Roger Hohberger are veterans who have served our country and us (Alicia and Edel are pictured to the left). We thank them, and all veterans for their service, today and everyday. Read a little more about their military experience:


Edel Rodriguez

Edel served in the Army for 4 years. He chose that branch because he wanted the challenge and they had the job open that he wanted. He started as Military Intelligence and then due to injury reclassed to personnel. He was stationed in Ft. Gordon, Ft, Jackson, and Goodfellow. His rank was Specialist. He was motivated to join the military because he felt the need to give something back to the country that gave his family so much. The most important thing he learned from the military was integrity, and the thing he enjoyed the most was the brotherhood and loyalty.


Alicia Pemble

Alicia served in the Army for 4 years. She chose the Army because it offered some benefits and opportunities that other branches didn’t. She was what’s called a 92A. Automated Logistical Specialist. She was stationed in Ray Barracks in Friedberg, Germany (deploying to Iraq with them for 14 months) and then to Ft. Irwin in California. Her rank was SPC (Specialist). She joined the military for the chance to see the world and do something different that most people don’t do. She wanted to do something outside of her comfort bubble and challenge herself and find some direction for her life. She gained a greater appreciation for how good we really do have it in America and just a lot of life lessons and appreciation for life in general, as well as learning how to work as a team, the importance of paying attention to the details and just that life is short and you can “what if” your whole life away but you’ll never know how something will turn out until you try it. What she enjoyed the most about serving in the military was all of the wonderful friends she made and the camaraderie. She also loved that she got to see so much of the world.


Calvin Pointer

Calvin served in the US Army for 3 years. His primary job after training was 11B or Infantry. He was stationed in Fort Campbell, KY, and his rank was Specialist/SPC. He was motivated to joined the military mainly because of his family ties to the military. Almost all of his childhood role models like his great uncle served time in the military, from the US Army to the Marine Corp. The most important thing he learned from the military was “inner strength”. One thing he enjoyed the most was the longlasting friendships he made.


Roger Hohberger:

Roger Served the USMC & USMCR. His rank was Sgt. E-5 4th Marine Aircraft Wing. His primary duty was Miltary Occupation Specialties (MOS): Communications/Recovery. He was stationed in NAS Glenview, NAS Yuma, NAS Jacksonville thorughtout his time serving.


We celebrated by having a Veteran Appreciation Lunch to honor Roger, Alicia, Edel, and Calvin.

At SPEC, we recognize the experience and dedication veterans bring to the workplace. We are proud and grateful to employ military veterans and thank them for their contributions to our company and our country.

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