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Spec Team Spotlight: Greg Enriquez



Greg Enriquez, equipment engineering lead at Spec Engineering, celebrated his two-year anniversary with Spec this month. He started at Spec as a Mechanical Design Engineer, then transitioned into Project Engineer, and is currently the Equipment Engineering Lead for CandyWorx. “Since I started, Spec has hired many talented individuals that blend in well with our culture, and seeing our capabilities and skillsets grow has allowed the organization to be a big player in various industries.” Greg said.


As equipment engineering lead, he is primarily responsible for machine design and 3D modeling for new pieces of equipment and also works to improve the designs of CandyWorx standard equipment. Greg’s favorite part of his job is 3D modeling new designs from start to finish and seeing the machines become a reality in our manufacturing shop. He enjoys collaborating with different departments and using their feedback to improve our equipment designs and manufacturing processes. When asked to describe Spec in one phrase, he said “versatile.”


When asked what his most memorable experience with Spec since he’s started, he said, “playing dodgeball/football with co-workers, eating good food, and bonding with our colleagues at the Spec groundbreaking event for the new Naperville building was really fun and memorable!”

"My favorite part about being a member of the Spec team is collaborating with different departments and using their feedback to improve our equipment designs and manufacturing processes."
Greg Enriquez, Equipment Engineering Lead

Spec Engineering

Fun Fact!

Greg and his family appeared on the television game show, “Family Feud!” Read about his experience below.


How did you and your family came to be on Family Feud? 

Greg: Family Feud had an open call for video applications for families in the Chicago area. My family sent in a video, and we were selected for a virtual interview/audition. We were then selected to be on the real show a few months later!


Where was the episode recorded?

Greg: The episodes were filmed in Atlanta, GA.


What was your experience like? Did you win?

Greg: The experience was incredibly fun. It was surreal to see the set in-person and not on TV. Our family won a total of $40,000! We won the first two episodes and lost on our third episode.


Are there any behind-the-scenes details you found interesting about being on the show?

Greg: One of the best parts was that during the commercial breaks, Steve Harvey would stay on set to talk to the audience and share jokes/stories. The producers said that other hosts in the past would just walk off set during the breaks, so it was awesome that Steve made the attempt to really connect with the audience.


Who in your family participated on your team?

Greg: The participants were me, my brother (Gerald), my sister (Divina), and two cousins (Carlyn and Cynthia).

If you are interested in joining the Spec Engineering team, please visit our careers page.

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