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SPEC Announces New Equipment: Smart Ingredient System

The Smart Ingredient System (SIS) allows for tracking of multiple ingredients processing through the same line. The SIS is adaptable to all industries: food, chemical, coating, bakery and more. The modular feeding system communicates with totes that store “lots” of ingredients. Each tote has an RFID sticker to identify the contents in the tote. Totes are stored remotely until the system is ready for the ingredient. The tote can be easily moved from storage and docked on the SIS using the forklift handle on the bottom of the tote. The inflatable seal tightly closes the tote for dust-free operations. There is also a self-cleaning filter above the discharge to eliminate product loss and dust. The manual valve is opened and the screw feeds the ingredient into the process. The control system can specify desired discharge rate. There is a tote vibrator for enhanced flow of ingredients. A grounding contact is in place for safe discharge and static dissipation. Once the ingredient is run to desired weight, the tote is removed and stored again for later use. The system will track how much of the ingredient is left in the tote. Now the operator can easily remove the screw auger without tools for efficient system clean out between ingredients.


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