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Scale How It Suits You: King Size

CandyWorx, a Spec Engineering brand, was recently featured in the July 2021 issue of MJBizDaily Magazine. 

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Your marijuana edibles brand is taking off, which means scaling up production. The big question is, how do you go from a 5-pound batch of gummies to a 30-pound batch while still ensuring the product remains standardized and unform.


Beginners might assume that scaling up a recipe is as simple as multiplying the amount of ingredients. However, creating a scalable gummy recipe requires close attention to formula, process, and a basic understanding of the science of candy making.


There are three elements for any successful candy product: formulation, process, and equipment. Often, when transitioning from a small batch to a production-size batch, people tend to focus first on the equipment they need and completely forget about adjusting the recipe. Gummies are especially fussy confections when it comes to recipe and process, so both are equally important.


Quirks of Gummy Production

Gummy products have unique moisture needs. Once deposited, the product must cool and gel for a specific amount of time to achieve the right moisture level. While most commercial gummies are deposited into starch trays, marijuana-infused gummy edibles rely on “starchless” technology.


The process is a lot less flexible when it comes to formula and processing than the more traditional starch molding. In fact, variations in moisture of 1-2% can have a huge impact on the product’s depositing and setting.


These quirks make understanding of basic chemistry of gummy-making important. However, you don’t need to be a scientist or engineer to understand these concepts, especially if you’ve already been working in the kitchen.


Continue reading the full article in the July issue of MJBizDaily Magazine.