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Midwest IFT Virtual Symposium and Expo

We had a great time participating in Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)‘s Midwest Virtual Symposium and Expo this year! We did a 30-minute live small batch caramel demo in our DS Cooker. In case you missed it, be sure to watch the recording here.

Caramel Making

From left: Brook Harter and Kevin Laud

Our intuitive Vacuum Cookers are designed for consumer product companies, ingredient companies, contract development companies, and anyone who requires sophisticated, precision cooking on a bench top scale. BLT Cooking Systems enable food technologists, application scientists, and developers to prepare small scale batches of products under vacuum, effectively replicating industrial cooking conditions, for accurate, repeatable product samples.

BLT Cookers are ideal for the development of sugar and sugar-free hard candy, hard candy with cream, jellies with temperature sensitive ingredients, bakery fillings with dairy components, caramels, white caramels, fruit preps, nutraceuticals with active ingredients, confectionery edibles, and more.


All cookers can be operated as atmospheric cookers, and feature digital cook plate control, digital product and cook plate temperature readouts, cook temperature alarm, and multiple agitator configurations. The optional Vacuum System guarantees vacuums up to 24 in. Hg. This system includes a vacuum lid for the cooking pot, vacuum pump, regulator, and condenser, with all interconnecting hoses. It is possible to agitate the contents of the cookers under vacuum.


The cookers are electric – no steam is required. The heating system functions as effectively as steam, without scorching typical of stove-top cooking. The cookers offer excellent “batch-to-batch” consistency and reproducibility of test product.


BLT offers 3 models to choose from.

  • The Development Scale Cooker has a capacity of 200-1200 grams (.5 to 2.5 pounds) yield, depending on the formula and process.
  • The Development Scale Cooker with Warming Plate features a 500 watt warming plate on the left side of the unit. This model is primarily used for caramels, where ingredients may be pre-caramelized on the warming plate prior to cooking.
  • The Large Batch (LB) Cooker is the larger version of the BLT Development Scale Cooker, designed to process similar products in bigger batch sizes with a capacity of 1300 – 4500 grams (3 to 10 pounds) of product per batch depending on formula and cooking pot.


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