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Employee Spotlight!


Marijus Bauza, also known as Mar, was born and raised in Bridgeview, IL. Mar attended Universal Technical Institute to become an auto and diesel technician. Mar enjoys staying active and working outside. Mar did some shop work on the side to help out people in need of a helping hand. While doing this he did some work for SPEC. Instead of going back to working on cars he is now a full time employee at SPEC and has been here for two years. Mar enjoys working hard for SPEC and playing sports, even though he rarely has time for them now. The sports he enjoys in particular are Hockey and Softball. One interesting thing about Mar is that despite that he has lived in the Chicago-land area his whole life, he is still a die-hard San Francisco 49ers fan.

SPEC has learned within the past two years that having Mar around is a huge asset to the company: he comes in early and stays late, offers a helping hand whenever it is needed, and gets through every day with no complaints. Mar is a special employee to SPEC and that is why we chose Mar to be in the employee spotlight for this month’s newsletter!