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Celebrating Earth Day Every Day. ADPE Earth Day Spotlight: Chase Straw

Happy Earth Day! Here at AD Process Equipment, many of us have a love for plants and enjoy planting as a hobby. For those that have visited our Naperville office, you’ll see a variety of plants throughout the office. Chase Straw, sales engineer, has really enjoyed exploring his passion for planting at home, owning a dozen white oak trees. One morning on the walk to work, he found the acorns and decided to try and grow them. He did some research and then he was off. Chase brought two of these trees along with additional plants to grow at the ADPE office. He enjoys seeing the progress of how fast or slow some of them grow. Now that the trees have reached the one to two-foot range, he has taken them back to Iowa to plant on his family’s acreage. Hopefully, with a good summer of even rain and no animal attacks, they will grow to be mighty oaks! Below is some information and fun facts about the plants Chase brought in. 

Money Tree

The money tree (Pachira aquatica) is a plant that has many legends and beliefs originating from China. The money tree gets its name from the Feng Shui belief that it will bring positive energy and good luck to the owner. It is also highly idolized by those who practice feng shui because they commonly sprout five leaves on a stem. Five is an important number in feng shui because it is believed that everything within the universe is made up of five distinct elements: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. It is believed that if you place a money tree plant in an area that is exposed to areas concerning money, the money tree plant will bring the owner good luck and fortune. Often adorned with red ribbons and symbols, the money tree plant is perfect as an office/business gift because of its ability to grow in low light, minimal watering and care, and the wealth and good fortune it brings.

Dragon Tree

Dracaena marginata is a low-maintenance plant that can last for years. It prefers a bright or lightly shaded spot but will also tolerate lower light levels. It likes moist compost but is tolerant of erratic watering. The dragon tree gets its name from the red resin (nicknamed dragon’s blood) that can be extracted from its trunk, which was historically used as a dye, incense, and as medicine. The genus, Dracaena, is derived from the Greek word drakaina, meaning “female dragon”. It’s not pet-friendly as all parts of the plant are poisonous to dogs and cats when ingested.

Dracaena Elegance

Dracaena Elegance, a member of the Dracaena family, is a carefree plant that has dark green leaves and a unique stock. It thrives in a large range of environments and is a graceful and popular houseplant admired for its slender, upright stems and delicate foliage. With strong purifying skills, the Dracaena naturally removes common household toxins and pollutants, so it helps to create a healthier home environment.



Today and every day, let’s celebrate the beauty of our planet and the benefits it brings us, as well as demonstrating support for environmental protection. We are looking forward to growing the number of plants at the office, as well as planting additional ones outside.

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