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6 Ways You Can Make Your Manufacturing Facility More Hygienic in a COVID-19 World

The Coronavirus crisis has increased risk for every business, with manufacturing plants at the center of that uncertainty. Their continued operation through the pandemic and beyond will rely on the organization’s ability to manage these wider risks, so taking extra measures to keep workers and plants safe and healthy is vital. Below are 6 ways you can make your manufacturing facility more hygienic in a COVID-19 world:


1: Automate to reduce personnel proximity

2: Tolling and contract packaging to supplement production and market demands

3: Preventative Maintenance to decrease downtime during heavy demand

4: Supply supplemental – skid system fabrication and installation to manage production increases

5: Process flow design engineering and implementation for increased production or new/temporary lines

6: Filtering and sanitizing equipment to assist in the elimination of airborne bacteria and viruses.



Upgrading your plant for hyper sanitation methods is an essential part of protecting human health during the current COVID-19 pandemic.


It is important for all of us to reinforce how choices about social distancing and hygiene affect the spread of this disease and its impact not just on ourselves, but in the workforce. Enhancing hygiene measures, adding additional personal protective equipment (PPE), and physical distancing should be incorporated into an organization’s standard procedures in order to reduce the risk of further spreading of the virus.


The COVID-19 pandemic could have long-lasting, even permanent effects on manufacturing organizations. Most companies will have to restructure their operations to maintain in production, while protecting their workers. This creates an opportunity to alter the way work is done, with operations that are safer, more productive, and more adaptable.

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