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It’s the spirit of the people at Gray—passion, commitment and a great team environment—that makes our company a great place to work. We share an unrelenting focus on customer service, passion for creativity, and drive for success that creates a fulfilling and rewarding work environment.

There’s a great deal of satisfaction in turning an empty plot of land into a high-tech facility for automotive plant constructiondistribution center construction, food and beverage plant construction, hospitality facility constructionmanufacturing plant construction and retail facility construction customers. At Gray, you can be part of an amazing team that does just that, turns building concepts into reality.

Beyond the challenging and rewarding work, it’s our people that make Gray a special place. We believe wholeheartedly in learning, discovery, innovation and the joy of work that results in unsurpassed satisfaction for all our team members and every customer. Everyone at Gray brings a dedication and love to the job that’s needed to thrive in our fast-paced environment with tight production deadlines.

Although we work very hard, we also know how to play when it’s time to celebrate our accomplishments.

Here are a few ways we come together:


Bell Ringing

A bell-ringing ceremony is held every time we’re successful in winning a new project. Everyone involved in winning the contract gathers to ring a large bell that can be heard throughout Gray's Lexington headquarters. The bell is rung once for every $1 million of the contract's worth. If it's a $10 million project, the bell is rung 10 times. If it’s a $70 million project, the bell is rung 70 times!

Gray Construction Bell Ringing

Team Building

Each year, we show our support for our home football team, the University of Kentucky Wildcats by hosting a tailgate party for team members, their families and friends. Throughout the year there are also a number of other team member events such as anniversary celebrations and cookouts on Gray's balcony in the spring and summer.

Gray Construction Team Building

Annual Meeting

At many companies, only the top executives and shareholders generally attend the annual company meeting. At Gray, all team members attend the meeting where we recap achievements and share stories from the year, hand out team member awards, and discuss the future. Team members also participate in team-building activities, listen to guest speakers, and are given a summary of the company’s business plan.

Gray Construction Annual Meeting

Safety Luncheons

The safety record of each individual job site is celebrated with a catered luncheon where management dishes the food in the buffet line to show appreciation for the hard work and dedication of everyone on the job site, including subcontractors.

Gray Construction Safety Luncheons

Service Awards

We recognize the tenure of team members at the 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30-year marks. The team member receives a gift of their choice.

Gray Construction Service Awards

Health and Wellness

Part of our strategic business plan is to promote and encourage wellness. To achieve this, we offer health risk assessments, participate in the Virgin Health Miles program, provide a discounted Weight Watchers membership rate, send out weekly wellness tips, have fruit and nuts available daily in the café and encourage employees to get active together. The company also hosts a health fair and features a story on health and wellness in each issue of our internal newsletter, Graypvine. The goal: to be an industry leader in health and wellness!

Gray Construction Health and Wellness

But it isn't all fun and games at Gray. We believe in providing training and continuing education to help our team members grow professionally. We offer:

Gray University

At Gray, we highly encourage an environment of continuous learning, no matter how long you’ve been a team member. Gray University was developed to enhance our team members with quality training by internal subject matter experts and external resources. This platform keeps us current in the marketplace, and provides development tools for growth within the organization.

Gray Construction University

Design Manager's Association (DMA)

Every other month, the design and assistant design managers come together to discuss issues and overcome problems. The DMA strives to bridge the gap between design and construction.

Project Manager's Association (PMA)

The PMA allows team members to share construction project experiences, assist in the development of team members who are on a project management career path, assist senior management in developing and implementing new procedures, and provide a forum for subcontractors, suppliers and vendors to address project teams. This group consists of project managers, assistant project managers, project engineers, and project coordinators.


Did You Know?

  • Gray ranks 9th among the Top Contractors in Manufacturing Plant Construction.
  • Gray ranks 9th among the Top Contractors in Automotive Plant Construction.
  • Gray ranks 11th among the Top Contractors in Distribution Center Construction.

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